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Vconect: On Distributed Theatre

Vconect share's experience on networks for digital performance

Representatives from Vconect participated in a longtable discussion hosted by CultureHub, an incubator for creativity focused on the intersection of art and technology, entitled "Staging the Network: A Discussion About Telecommunications and performance".  The conversation was streamed live to the Internet TV channel;, on October 13th 2014 a recording of the conversation can eb found here:  The conversation included contributions from New York's la Mama, famous for its cross-disciplinary work in theatre, dance, performance art, and music whose alumni include Philip Glass and Blue Man Group; from Contact Theatre in Manchester who "use new technology in all of our art and communication, ensuring that anything we produce has local, national and international reach the moment it is created."

Key issues identified by Vconect and shared around the table included the imperative of sensing and including remote audiences in the performance -  recognising that currently the performers often have no sense of their on line audience.