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Vconect feature in CWI Lectures of 2014

Images of Loretta Anania, Dick Bulterman and Marian Ursu who all made excellent contributions to a stimulating event.

The annual public lectures from CWI featured themes relevant to and speakers from Vconect.  The event focusing on Socially-Aware Multimedia, celebrated the areas of multimedia systems, human-computer interaction, and hypermedia. Eight internationally recognized speakers (e.g., Marian Ursu, Andries van Dam, Loretta Anania, Klara Nahrstedt) highlighted past achievements and reflected on future possibilities for new research challenges. The lectures were organized in recognition of Dick Bulterman’s 25 year tenure at CWI and to wish him well as he moved on to a role as President of the FX Palo Alto Laboratory (FXPAL) in California.


The schedule was:

 EC funding of Multimedia Projects: Loretta Anania

 Time Travel with WABAC machine: Klara Nahrstedt

 Past, present and future of semantic information representation: Frank van Harmelen

 Content-based searching in multimedia systems: Alan F. Smeaton

 Richer documents, richer human-computer interaction: Andries van Dam

 The Redefinition of Content: David A. Shamma

 The Space in Between: Marian F. Ursu

 Digital Life in 2025: Lawrence A. Rowe