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Vconect contributes to ITU

VConect collaborators (Marwin Schmitt, Pablo Cesar, Peter Hughes) provided input to the ITU Study Group for “Performance, QoS and QoE” that took place at Ericsson in Kista.  The study group is seeking to define recommendations that will help service providers deliver better group communication experiences.  The two working groups are looking at  “The effect of delays on telemeeting quality” and “Spatial audio meetings evaluation”.

The documents submitted from the Vconect collaborators will receive furher consideratrion at the next general ITU meeting in Geneva in September.

Further the item, ”Subjective method for simulated conversation tests addressing speech and audiovisual call quality”, a non-interactive test method for assessing audio and visual quality with content control questions was discussed. The input from CWI was discussed with the other members as a starting point for the work on the items “Quality aspects and implications for telemeeting services” and “Use of auditory and visual cues for high-quality telemeetings”.

BT presented their first results from a user study investigating the impact of delay in multi-party telemeetings with spatial audio. The meeting fostered a productive discussion on the current investigations regarding the assessment of Quality of Experience in state-of-the-art group video-communication systems.