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Vconect Workshop Brings Scientific Community Together

Co-hosted workshop on Interactive Content Consumption at ACM TVX’14

Vconect co-hosted a workshop on Interactive Content Consumption at TVX the leading international conference on research into online video, TV interaction and user experience.


This was the second time this workshop was held and this year it was, co-organized by the Vconect project, represented by Rene Kaiser of JOANNEUM RESEARCH.  The all-day workshop attracted about 30 participants.


The workshop’s aim was to explore and discuss some of the major research themes related to interactive content consumption and to identify areas where interdisciplinary research approach would be beneficial.  The workshop addressed a balanced community from industry, technical and social sciences research.


The keynote address for the workshop was given by Vconect’s scientific coordinator Prof Marian F. Ursu, who presented highlights of our research and discussed how the developments in different disciplines supported the advancement of our understanding of the way interactive content is consumed by users. This insightful and entertaining talk triggered lots of interest, follow-up questions and discussion.


The workshop’s format further consisted of talks, a poster and demo session, and two rounds of a fishbowl discussion. During the demo session, Wolfgang Weiss of JOANNEUM RESEARCH showcased the communication orchestration features of Vconect’s Socialization client. As expected, the workshop participants embraced the fishbowl discussion format very quickly and engaged in intense and insightful discussions.


We were pleased with the workshop and note that the activity is likely to repeated at future conferences.





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