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The Earl of Wessex Sees Vconect at Falmouth

29 April 2013: Vconect work features in a visit of his Royal Highness Prince Edward The Earl of Wessex to Falmouth University.

His Royal highness Prince Edward The Earl of Wessex, Dr Jeremy Richards (Head of Research at Falmouth University) and Erik Geelhoed (Vconect researcher) discuss the challenges and ambitions of Vconect, some of which are richly illustaretd through a perfromace of dance carried out in connected CAVES (Computer Assisted Virtual Environment).

His Royal Highness Prince Edward The Earl of Wessex visited Falmouth University on Monday 29 April 2013 and saw technology developed for the Vconect project. The Earl of Wessex viewed the latest developments at Falmouth University’s Academy for Innovation & Research (AIR). Academics, students and external collaborators shared with His Royal Highness results from a number research projects, including Vconect. 

Accompanied by Falmouth University’s Vice-Chancellor (Professor Anne Carlisle) and Head of Innovation (Dr Jeremy Richards) The Earl of Wessex was introduced to Erik Geelhoed, a Research Fellow at Falmouth University working on Vconect. Erik explained some of the challenges and ambitions of the Vconect project which were illustrated by a troupe of dancers performing in connected ‘CAVES’; two separated spaces linked by multiple cameras, the images from which are projected onto wall sized screens in the other ‘CAVE’. 

The Earl of Wessex showed a great deal of interest in the research and had an extended conversation with Erik asking many astute questions.