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Vconect: Smart Video Communication

We believe communication between groups can be improved by making innovations in four key areas:

Capture - In our system we allow for multiple cameras and multiple microphones at each end. This gives flexibility as to what is captured at each end including the ability to switch camera views, much like a TV director will as he ‘calls the shots’, and also to choose what elements of the audio scene to capture.

Composition - Composition relates to the way that the video and audio are presented to those involved in the group video chat. We think that different views will suit different people depending on the context. In some situations it may be good for all participants to see each other all the time; in other cases it may be best to see just on other person in full screen mode.

Transmission - In our system we propose the use of a Service Aware Network that will be used to transmit the signals. The Service Aware Network can dynamically decide where to place certain network components and should allow the service provider to control Costs and the Quality of Experience.

Orchestration - Orchestration is the intelligence in the system that makes decisions.Orchestration decides which content is shown to the users at each endpoint. The Orchestration process has to be aware of the users/participants and the current context. It needs to know what’s available through Capture, needs to collaborate with Transmission and instruct Composition.