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Vconect: Smart Video Communications

  • Monitoring the reaction from remote audiences

  • Vconect test that linked dance performances in two studios at Falmouth University

  • Vconect video capability integrated with Portugal Telecom’s education-focused SAPO Campus social network application.

  • Screengrabs from Vconect test showing Vconect components operating on Amazon’s EC2 cloud infrastructure.

  • Actors from Cornwall-based Miracle Theatre Company performed the Tempest at two different locations to two audiences linked together using an advanced video system powered by Vconect (Copyright Kirstin Prisk)

The Vconect vision is the adoption of high-quality enriched video as a medium for mass communication within communities.

Vconect is building a video communication platform which models and supports the complex communication topologies that characterise conversations between group members. The system will take intelligent decisions to mediate the communication at the level of audio-visual choices, screen layout and network capabilities.

Vconect is ensuring the wide applicability of the platform by implementing, testing and evaluating it in the context of two different use cases. The first based on the integration of video conferencing into social networking services, the second based on group mediated performance.


Vconect is a Project within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) and receives funding from the European Commission. The project runs for three years and will finish in November 2014.

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