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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Dick Bulterman

Vconect: Defining The Future of Video Conferencing

Inspiring the next generation of researchers

Vconect in the news

Vconect research on measuring audience attention can now be seen on YouTube and you can also read about it in Duch online journals covering both general news and science.  The work reported earlier on assessing audience attention using galvanic skin response seems to be reaching a wider audience.

Vconect work wins best paper award

Vconect researchers Chen Wang, Pablo Cesar (both from CWI); and Erik Geelhoed, Ian Biscoe and Phil Stenton (all from Falmouth University) were awarded the ‘best paper award’ at the International Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption, held in conjunction with EuroITV 2013, in Como, Italy for their joint work on measuring audience responses using biofeedback. The paper, entitled “Sensing Audience Response: Beyond One Way Streaming of Live Performances”, reports on a field trial

Vconect asks: What makes a perfect holiday?

Summer 2013:  What are the attributes of a perfect holiday?   This is one of a number of questions used in tests exploring the influence of network delay in delay video mediated group conversations.  (Tests of this sort with groups are rare – this is groundbreaking!) The tests which are taking place with 50 participants will provide valuable results on perceived quality, allowing for the construction of realistic models that map network delay with user satisfaction.  Th

Vconect: The Chinese Connection.

Summer 2013:  A chance meeting between Chen Wang and representatives of Nanjing University has led to some of the latest results from Vconect being presented in Nanjing.  Chen, who was completing a residency at Falmouth University in Cornwall (UK), met representatives from Nanjing University as they toured the Innovation facilities.  Chen along with Pablo Cesar and Dick Bulterman were invited to China to discuss the latest results from Vconect, including those from Chen’s work on

Vconect at WebScience 2013

May 2013: Vconect's contribution to the ACM WebScience conference: "The Utility of Social and Topical Factors in Anticipating Repliers in Twitter Conversations" has been accepted.Vconect was thus represented at WebScience, an interdisciplinary conference where social sciences and computational sciences meet, which took place in Paris between 1st and 4th of May.WebScience is the emergent science of the people, organizations, applications, and of policies that shape and are shaped by the

The Earl of Wessex Sees Vconect at Falmouth

29 April 2013: Vconect work features in a visit of his Royal Highness Prince Edward The Earl of Wessex to Falmouth University.

Vconect at CHI

27 April - 2 May 2013: Vconect Research Distinctive and Valuable

Do the Audience Like it?

Pioneering work on audience response to performance has been conducted in collaboration between CWI and Falmouth University. Vconect PhD student Chen Wang  from CWI has completed a residency at Falmouth University conducting pioneering work on assessment of audience reaction to performance.  This work, carried out with researcher Erik Geelhoed from Falmouth, is a critical constituent of Vconect allowing objective assessments of the impact of a performance upon the audience to be mea