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Sharing the Ghost in the Machine

Vconect streams Portraits for a Study

Vconect: Hacked off at Codebits?

Vconect published its API for web conferencing to 800 developers during Codebits, a three-day hackathon in Portugal, see Codebits is organized by SAPO and is a vivid and colorful event in which hackers compete in a programming contest: After 48 hours of non-stop development, each team has to present its project in 90 seconds. Participants can also enjoy interesting keynotes, free food, and technology demos. Vconect demonstrated videoconferencing in SAPO Campus, the social n

The Tempest - The Show Must Go On

The Tempest show dates are agreed as planning gets under way.

BT's CEO learns about Vconect

Gavin Patterson, BT's CEO, hears how Smart Video Comms can be applied to Theatrical Performances.

Vconect at Codebits

Vconect has published the platform’s API for third-party development at the hackathon event CODEBITS. Participants of Codebits can create their own video conferencing apps on top of this API.

A good chat?

Vconect helps ITU to understand what makes some group video chats better than others.

Vconect technology integrated into frog

No animals harmed in this experiment

Electronic Newsletter - second issue

Second Vconect Electronic Newsletter published. Please read about the progress in the Vconect project, about the theatre production in the performance use case, and about the implementation of the Vconect platform in the SAPO Campus social network. Download newsletter here

Vconect at ICT

Come and see us in Vilnius