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The Socialisation Use Case

“SAPO Campus” developed by Sapo, a brand of Portugal telecom working with Vconect

The socialisation use case, which is led by Portugal Telecom, involves adding group video communication capability to a social network designed for schools. (SAPO Campus). The social network system is being made available for free, by Portugal Telecom for all high schools in Portugal. The current system provides many of the familiar functions of a social network (like Facebook) such as updating a status, posting photos and videos, forming groups, engaging in group messaging et but adds to this the capability from Vconect, to create ad hoc video chats between groups of students. Importantly the system also enables some of the functionalities of a learning platform, the ability to set homework, to submit homework and to keep track of a student’s progress.

 The Vconect video comms client integrated into the SAPO campus social network site.

In use the users are likely to be individuals sat at a computer joining other individuals to form groups in order to talk about social education or other school matters. Working with Sapo campus allows Vconect to explore the adoption of high-quality videoconferencing as a medium for mass communication within school communities. Vconect aims to provide an open web interface similar to WebRTC while supporting video conferencing as efficiently as Google Hangouts. We are delighted to report that the first successful implementation in a commercial social network of a Vconect browser plugin based on the Vconect API has been completed within the Sapo Campus social network.

This implementation will soon be used a large trial in October, conducted by Sapo, which will explore the behaviour of a group of users using group video chat in a scenario encouraging a mode ad hoc form of behaviour. For more information about the API please download D2.3 - Open Reference Architecture and Deployment - Interim Specification here. Developers are also encouraged to attend the 2014 Codebits Hackathon (10-12 April 2014) in Lisbon where Vconect server components and API will be available for experimentation.