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Introduction video to Vconect and its Use Cases

Vconect: Smart Video Communication

We believe that ad hoc video calling between groups can be made better.  We are using two use cases to help frame the requirements and to test our innovations. These use cases are called:

1. The Performance Use Case – which links two sets of actors in two locations, through a video communications system in order to deliver one scripted performance. This is developed in association The Miracle Theatre Company

2. The Socialisation Use Case - which adds group video communication capability to a social network designed for schools. This developed in association with SAPO/Portugal telecom

In support of these use cases we are also conducting a range of experiments.  These experiments are designed to support our belief that the following will help to make group based video calling better:

  • enabling video communications to take place between locations other than traditional video conferencing suites
  • enabling people to be able to find, join and leave a group call effortlessly
  • enabling groups involved in a video session to grow and split naturally
  • enabling the automatic selection of one camera view (from amongst many) at a given location
  • enabling audio to be captured using discreet microphone arrays that behave as if they are lapel microphones
  • enabling the audio and video to be represented to each participant in the manner that allows each participant to get the most they can from the call.
  • enabling the network topology to be chosen automatically with knowledge of the way this affects the both cost and quality of experience


Vconect is exploring the efficacy of a number of innovations and conducting experiment to better understand what can be achieved.