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Vconect is a Project within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) and receives funding from the European Commission.
The project runs from December 2011 to November 2014. 9 partners from 6 European countries participate in the project. The overall budget is about 5.5 Mio Euro.


Vconect’s vision is the adoption of high-quality, enriched video as a medium for mass communication within communities.  This can be delivered by a platform which uses models of the complex communication topologies that characterise conversations between community members, together with a  knowledge of the context of these communications.


Vconect’s challenge is to develop technology components which enable the service-aware network. These components must work together to intelligently and dynamically optimise network and media processing resources to satisfying the dynamic requirements of group conversations in communities. The requirements for high quality audio and video and low latency, which are inherent in a high quality experience, make the above challenge even more demanding.


Vconect will take a focused approach in addressing the research challenge of enabling rich, video-based communication between community groups. It recognises that practice-based research in previous Integrating Projects such as TA2 ( has proposed how an integrated set of technology components can be used to enable high quality orchestrated video communication between groups of people in different locations. While TA2 has explored how a component-based platform could be built to address a range of different communication scenarios, scalability and adaptation to the network has emerged as an important requirement which was not within its scope.

Vconect will ensure wide applicability of the platform by implementing, testing and evaluating it in the context of two different use cases:

Performance use case, led by University College Falmouth in the UK

Socialisation use case, led by SAPO, the Internet and social networking branch of Portugal Telecom.

These use cases will also enable iterative development of the communication orchestration capability which is central to the provision of a high quality social communication experience. 

Workpackage Structure